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Tattoos and Generation Z: Part 5 [MELISSA]

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Tattoos and Generation Z is all about the opinions and beliefs of humans born in the 90's and 00's. They all carry their own story, embody different statuses, and are inspired by new influences. This 6 part series is meant to provide different perceptions surrounding the art of tattooing. Does the generation you were born in reflect your opinion on tattooing?


PART 5: MELISSA @mel.bray



Melissa is a current Co-Op student at the University of Waterloo. She has a strong love for the different cultures and personalities that Toronto has to offer & she feels fortunate to be living an environment that welcomes diversity with open arms.



Do you remember the first time you heard of the idea of tattoos?

When I was very young, I remember being instantly gravitated towards the uniqueness and customization of tattoos. The concept sparked my curiosity, and to this day, I still love tattoos and crave a real one of my own some day. I already know that my parents wouldn’t approve if I got one, I’ve never asked why, but I assume it’s because a generational gap; older generations seem to still be warming up to the idea. I don’t think that would ever stop me from getting one, it is usually my indecisiveness that kicks in and stops me from getting the real deal.


Temporary tattoo addiction..?

As a child, I used to stock up on temporary tattoos from anywhere I could get my little hands on! I was captured by the creative appeal, the will to make sure it came out perfectly, and the ability to express myself with random body art. I still remember the satisfying feeling of peeling back the paper to reveal the design in hopes that it came off altogether.


In your personal opinion, what is society’s perception of people with tattoos now and where do you think it’s heading?

Society’s perception of tattoos over the past decade hasn’t been the most positive. A lot of people, from older generations, frown upon a tattoo and currently have a strong influence on society’s perception. They tend to sway the norm due to their seniority and social status in work settings. My parents are included in this group of people.

Even though the the perception has been negative, I think society is slowly moving in the right direction and beginning to develop an open mind about tattoos as a form of self-expression. Perhaps in about 10 to 15 years, having tattoos won’t affect your employment opportunities or people’s perception of you. There are some corporate companies that are starting to warm up to the idea, but to fully change the minds of all individuals and normalize it, will take more time. With growing changes in company cultures, there is a shift taking place from a strict corporate culture to start-up environments. With this, I believe employers will focus more on your capabilities, skills, and personality fit than on the tattoos on your body.

- Kaitlyn Uy